The Shorter Strachey

A provocative and consistently entertaining selection of thirty of his best short pieces. Strachey’s subjects range from Gibbon and Macaulay to Sarah Bernhardt; from Pope to Dostoievsky; from Boswell to Lady Hester Stanhope

The Letters of Lytton Strachey

A complete edition of Lytton Strachey’s letters would total six volumes, testament to the ferocious epistolary energy of the author of the classic Eminent Victorians, which ridiculed the hapless inhabitants of that era as priggish, canting hypocrites and revolutionized the biographical form.

Lytton Strachey

A pot-pourri of hitherto unpublished work by Lytton Strachey. Some of the pieces were not published during the author’s lifetime because they were ambitious failures, some because they were unfinished, a few because they were experimental.


Finger Licking’ Good

Outrageously funny, strange and elegantly written, this Martian’s-eye view of sex and snobbery in the South, the land of Bourbon, Bluegrass and a civilization founded on the copulation of horses.


Out to Lunch

Paul Levy reveals the hazards as well as the pleasures of being a food and wine writer. Paul goes on culinary pilgrimages to the Russia of his grandparents to America, the country of his birth, and he dutifully munches his way through other lands with which he has no obvious connection.


The Feast of Christmas 

Accompanying Paul Levy’s television series of the same name, The Feast of Christmas has a wealth of inventive practical tips for preparing and enhancing your own celebrations, with dozens of stimulating recipes and suggestions for wine.


The Official Foodie Handbook

Paul tells how Foodies eat, live, love, shop, travel and agonise over the vinegar. It is a passport to excitement. If you like the heat, this is your kitchen.


C. E. Moore

Paul Levy relates Moore’s life to the traditions and influence of the Cambridge Converazione Society, better known of the ‘Apostles’ – a group of great intellectual distinction and brilliance whose history up to the First World War is now described in detail for the first time.

Essays on John Maynard Keynes

A fascinating collection of essays on John Maynard Keynes presents a new picture of the life of the man.


Consuming Passions

Philippa Pullar gives us an absorbing and often history of English appetite. Now a new afterward by acclaimed food writer Paul Levy brings the story up to the twenty-first century.


Food and Drink

A collection of writings by some of the best wine and food writers of the 20th century, including A. J. Liebling, Calvin Trillin, M. F. K. Fisher, Harold McGee, Patience Gray, and many others.